Car rental Alexandroupoli

Rent a Car Alexandroupoli

Alexandroupoli is the capital of the prefecture of Evros. Founded in 1875 and named by King Alexander I. To explore it you would need a budget rental car from the car rental company Thessaloniki Car Rental.
It is a major port in Northern Greece and generally an important transportation hub as it offers additional airport, railway station and modern road networks which make it an important trading center.
The lighthouse of Alexandroupolis is the most famous part of the city from where you can start the coastal route of the city that is suitable for walks and discovering the beauties of Alexandroupolis.
With your rental car from the Thessaloniki Car Rental company,you should definitely visit, the Natural History Museum and the Ethnological Museum of Thrace. In the vicinity, there are also several important archaeological sites from the Classical, Roman and Byzantine periods that you should visit.

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A special excursion that should not be missed with the rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental, is the delta of the river Evro, which is one of the most important wetlands. The tour is made by boat along the river and makes for a unique experience.
Alexandroupolis is a coastal city with several beaches that during the summer months are full of life. Moreover, it is connected to the nearby island of Samothrace, known for the hot springs that distinguish it. Do not forget to visit and explore these distinct landscapes with the rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental company.

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