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Naxos is an island of the Cyclades, located in the Aegean Sea. It differs from the other islands due to the particular topography. A rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental rental car will help you to explore.
Naxos has been inhabited continuously since the 4th millennium b.c. and was an important center in ancient times which has resulted in findings from different eras. One of these is the Portara ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo, of which the huge marble gate remains. Visit Ancient Naxos with the rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental company, the ruins of the Minoan civilization which are located north of the town of Naxos. Also visit the Venetian castle in the hill country, with the Venetian towers, and the great statue (height 10.5 mtrs) of Apollonas Kouros of the 6th century b.c .
Naxos is an island that preserves its tradition and combines it with tourism development and modern lifestyle. It also has beautiful beaches and crystal clear water that will fascinate you. Heading to the southwest of Naxos with the rental car, you will find the most famous beaches on the island of St. John and St. Anne. They are organized, windless and have white golden sand. Near the main town the beach is Kastraki and 20 km. farther away you will find the small but exotic beach of Alikos. If you prefer something quieter, drive with your rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental rent a car, to the beach of Orkos.

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From Naxos you can visit Paros and Syros