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Kavala is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Greece, which is well worth visiting with an economical car from the car hire company Thessaloniki Car Rental. Kavala was built like an amphitheater at the foot of Mt Symbol overlooking the open sea, and is one of the most strategic ports in the country. It is located opposite the island of Thassos and is a distance of 165km from the city of Thessaloniki Kavala has a rich history. It became famous by the arrival of a colony of forces of the Roman Empire and because of the battle of Philippi as well as being the first European city to accept Christianity from the Apostle Paul. Having many famous monuments such as the 5th. BC Castle, the arches of the old aqueduct of Kavala and the site of Philippi which is located 17 km. from Kavala, we recommend you to rent a car from the car rental company Thessaloniki Car Rental for an easy and fast tour. You should also visit the very interesting Archaeological Museum of Kavala. In the modern history of the city, of particular interest is the industrial activity of Kavala with dominant activity in the extraction of oil and the processing and marketing of tobacco which made Kavala a large trading center. Kavala Airport is connected to the rest of Greece through the international Kavala airport “Great .Alexander” and by ferry to the islands of the Northern Aegean. such as the nearby island of Thassos, with beautiful beaches that you should visit by renting an affordable rental car from the car hire company Thessaloniki Car Rental and from the airport of Kavala.

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