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Rent a car in Tinos

Tinos is the third largest island in the Cyclades with a population of about 8500 inhabitants. The locals are involved in tourism and agriculture. Tinos Town has two ports and you can rent a car in Tinos and continue exploring the island. Enjoy a bath in the sea at one of the beaches such as Kionia, Agios Fokas, Agios Sostis and the wild beach of Livada.

The Virgin Mary of Tinos

The Holy Temple of the Evangelistria or the Virgin Mary of Tinos is one of the most important temples of Orthodoxy. It is a top pilgrimage destination for believers coming from both Greece and abroad. A great celebration is held on the fifteenth of August, when the faithful come by  thousands to worship the image of Virgin Mary. At the same time, the memorial anniversary of the torpedoing of the Hellenic battle ship “Elli” is taking place.

The village of Volakas

In the village of Volaka you will have the opportunity to see something unique. There are some big rocks with a strange shape. One would think they were falling from the sky. A wonderful creation of nature that you will understand better when you look at it closely. One would say it is reminiscent of a lunar landscape.

The pigeon houses of Tinos

There are about 600 pigeons on the island of Tinos today. It is estimated that the first pigeon houses were built during the Venetian occupation. These special structures are built in a special way to prevent the wind, especially the North, from penetrating the nest structure. You will see pigeon houses decorated with stone in various shapes and forms. The pigeons were originally owned by landowners and people of high economic status.

Access to Tinos

One can travel to Tinos via the ferry line from the ports of Rafina and Piraeus, as well as from the neighboring islands. The voyage is from 2 to 3.5 hours, depending on the type of ship. Tinos has no airport, and the nearest airport is Mykonos. However moving to the island can be very comfortable if you rent a car in Tinos from Thessaloniki Car Rental. With affordable rates, the best service and 24 hours of road assistance, you can be sure your holidays will be carefree!

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