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Araxos village is located in the prefecture of Achaia in the Peloponnese, and is built on the cape. It is divided into two towns created by shepherds who passed through the area with their herds. To visit Araxos we suggest an economical car from the car rental company Thessaloniki Car Rental. Araxos is connected by plane with the rest of Greece. The civil airport of Araxos shares the same corridor with the military and serves the city of Patras.
Near the airport, is one of the attractions that must be visited, the Wall of Dyme. It is a castle with cyclopean walls 200m long., 10m high and 5m thick. According to mythology, the walls were built by Hercules. Do not miss the opportunity to visit them by driving a rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental.
In Araxos you will encounter one of the most beautiful beaches in the county, the beach Yianniskari. Also, the nearby beach Kalogria is equally beautiful and in summer is very popular. Alternatively, you can visit Araxos lagoon or the beautiful forest of grapes, especially during the winter months when it is attractive to walkers and cyclists. The rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental will take you comfortably and quickly to all the places that you like.

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From Araxos you can easily drive to Kalamata