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Volos is a beautiful city in Thessaly, an important harbour and it is surrounded by the Pagasitikos Gulf. To explore the city of Volos and the surrounding area you will need an economical car rental from Thessaloniki Car Rental Car.
Volos is one of the first Greek inhabited areas (7000 b.c.) and has a rich archaeological heritage. Volos is linked to the myth of Jason and the Argonauts Campaign. With your rental car drive 15km. west of Volos and visit the Neolithic settlement of the 7th century with visible foundations of houses. Also on the same route there is a second Neolithic settlement (5th century b.c.) which is organized into six stone gardens. Visit the archaeological area of Aghialos and the ancient Pyrassos town, admiring the mosaic floors of buildings. You can also hire a car from Thessaloniki Car Rental Rent a Car and visit Goritsa Hill and the ruins of a city of the 4th century.
In the city of Volos and especially at the harbour, you will find the famous “tsipouradika” and delicious appetizers and you can also have romantic walks. Alternatively you can take a trip back in time, without the rental car, with the Historical Railway or a path with stone bridges in the countryside with wonderful views over Pagasitikos Gulf.
Volos is also offered as a base for its beautiful destinations nearby. Pelion is the summer residence of the gods of Olympus, according to legend and is simply amazing, with dense vegetation, beautiful views and picturesque villages which will fascinate you. Regarding the beaches, they are really beautiful, with crystal clear turquoise waters and golden beaches. A visit with your rental car from the company Thessaloniki Car Rental Car is necessary.

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From Volos you can visit the island of Skiathos with daily ferry routes.