1. How is a reservation made?

A car can be booked in two ways:
Filling the booking form located at our website https://www.thessaloniki-carrental.com. Within a few minutes you can complete the booking process and book your chosen car. Attention! Make sure that you will receive a confirmation email of your booking within 48 hours.
By phone. You can call us at +30.2310.460222 Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 20:00, and Saturday 09:00-17:00. A member of our staff will be happy to assist you with your booking.

2. How do I can learn more about prices, car models and categories?

You can find out more about prices, car models and categories through our booking form or by contacting our booking department.

3. Do you require a credit card as a guarantee?

A car rental at the Thessaloniki Airport area, under certain conditions, does not require a credit card guarantee. However, for certain types of car rentals require a credit card, for deposit. If warranty is required, the amount ranges from 700€-1200€.

4. How I can pick up the car?

Upon arrival at Thessaloniki Airport a member of staff of Thessaloniki Car Rental will be waiting for you at the meeting point. He will be holding a sign with your name and he will transfer you to our office to pick up the car. Our offices are just 4 kilometers from the airport. You must have ID or passport and your driving license to complete the booking.

5. Car check.

Before picking up the car, you are required to check it for any damage, with the presence of a member of staff. Then you will fill the relevant inspection document for any existing damages and then sign it.

6. What is your fuel policy?

You are required to return the car at the same tank level as you received it. This will be indicated at the inspection document

7. How I can pay?

Payment of the car rental is made when you pick up the car. No deposit is required when booking. Payment can be made either by card or cash.

8. Driver age limits.

To rent a car you must be 23 years old and have a valid driving license for least 2 years. Also you are not allowed to rent a car if you are over 75.

9. Is there a mileage limit?

With Thessaloniki Car Rental you can drive the car unlimited, without any cap on kilometers. Unlimited mileage is permitted only in the country of Greece, without any extra charge.

10. Can I travel outside Greece?

You can’t travel outside the Greek territory under any circumstances.

11. Can I rent a car with a foreign driving license?

A driving license is accepted for renting a car, if it has been issued by authorities within the European Union, and it is written in Latin characters. Otherwise, the driver must have an International Driving License.

12. How many people can drive the rented car?

At Thessaloniki Car Rental car there is a limit of two drivers. Both drivers must be present at the time of pick up. The fee for the second driver is just 2 € per day.

13. How can I cancel my reservation?

A reservation can be canceled
• By phone,
• By email
• Through our website page with your reservation number.
There is no cancelation fee.

14. What happens if my flight is delayed or missed? Is my reservation canceled?

In any case you can contact our office and we will inform you accordingly. No matter how late your flight will be, a member of our staff will be at the arrivals area to pick you up. If you miss your flight we can change your reservation for the new date and time of your arrival. Your reservation will only be canceled if you request so!

15. Can I pick up the car if I arrive in the evening?

Once booked, no matter when the flight arrives at Thessaloniki Airport, the company staff is available to deliver the car to you. There is a charge of € 20 for late pick up from 21:00 to 08:00.

16. Where I return the car if I need to be at Thessaloniki airport early in the morning?

In this case, you leave the car in a designated parking lot at the airport. A member of the staff will inform you of the procedure. There is a charge of € 20 if you want to drop your car at the airport parking. You need to let us know in advance if your flight is early in the morning.

17. Can I pick up the car at the airport?

To pick up the car at the airport you need to make a request at the time of your reservation. In case your request is accepted there is a charge of € 20.

18. What car insurance options are available?

• There is the partial insurance (CDW) where for categories B and C the driver is liable for damages up 700 €. For categories D, E, G, I, the driver is liable for damages up to 1000 €
• There is also the Full Coverage insurance policy (FDW), covering the car for damages.
Note: The tires and underside of the car are not covered by any insurance policy.

19. What happens in case of a mechanical breakdown or other problem?

In the event that the car has a mechanical breakdown, please inform the company staff about the type of problem you are experiencing. If the problem is such, that makes driving impossible, please call the road assistance to pick up the car. Thessaloniki Car Rental will replace your vehicle in your area, as soon as possible. All cars have a 24-hour road assistance from Interamerican.  This is a nationwide cover, in the event of a car accident or other problem.

20. What happens in the event of an accident?

In this case you are required to call the police and the insurance company to record the event.

21 What if I get involved in an accident and the car I rented is not safe to drive?

In this case you will need to come to our office to replace it.

22. Can I extend the car rental?

The car rental can be extended if you inform our company and have our consent that you can keep the car for an additional period of time. Otherwise you will have to return the car to the company offices as stated in the car rental agreement.

23. Car return.

The car must be returned to the company offices by the time it is stated the rental contract. A member of staff will inspect the vehicle for any damages and the fuel level. Then we drive you back to the airport and wish you have a safe flight back home!

24. Extra charges.

Additional charges will apply in case of:
• A second driver, 2€/day
• Child seats, 2€/day and 1€/day for the second one
• Snow chains, 2€/day
• Navigation GPS 3€/day
• Pick-up or drop off the car outside of office hours (21:00-08:00), 20€

25. How do I deal in case of a fine?

A fine on a rental car must be paid by the driver who booked it. In order to avoid further surcharges, you are required to pay the fine to the relevant authority (e.g. police, municipal police), before the car rental expires.

26. Is it mandatory to use child seats?

For the safety of your children, you should use child seats for children up to 36 kg and up to 13 years old. The charge is 2 euro / day and 1 euro / day for the second child seat.

27. Why choose Thessaloniki Car Rental?

• You choose Thessaloniki Car Rental because you know that the staff will meet and greet you, in time at the airport.
• Low prices.
• You don’t have to pay a deposit guarantee.
• You can pay in cash. No credit card required.
• You choose the car insurance that best fits you.
• Free 24-hour road assistance.
• In case of any problem, we will assist you immediately.
• There are no hidden fees.