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Chios is located in the eastern Aegean. It is the fifth largest island and with a rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental rent a car you can explore it easily and economically.
Chios is characterized by its beautiful beaches and picturesque villages. Numerous beaches will satisfy you whatever your preference is. In the main land, there are popular beaches such as those of the Karfa and Daskalopetra. Drive with your economical car hire from Thessaloniki Car Rental rental car to the south of the island and visit the crowded beaches Komi and Vroulidia. To the west you will find the crystal islands, Elida and Metochi. You should definitely visit Nagos beach with its crystal clear waters, with your rented car.
As for nightlife, it is mainly concentrated in the center of the town and other touristic places on the island. As for the villages of the island, there is a lot to visit. Dip in hot springs or admire the location of, for example, the village Avanatos at the center of the island which was built on a large granite rock. Of course, do not forget, the medieval tower-like villages, which were built like fortresses to protect the inhabitants from raids by pirates and consequently left us these charming heritage buildings.
So, start with the rental car you have chosen from Thessaloniki Car Rental rent a car at Chios airport and discover the beauty that Chios offers.

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