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Santorini, also known as Thira and is one of the most famous travel destinations. To explore it you will need a rental car from the company Thessaloniki Car Rental Car.
Santorini is located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea and is known for its active volcano and caldera that was created with the world’s largest diameter, 16 km. Imerovigli, which is situated on the highest point of the Caldera, offering a magical view. Also, you can make a round tour with a small boat and admire the red volcanic rock, the black pebbles and the church of fervor that is carved in the rocks.
With your rental car you should visit Oia which is located 11 km. north of the capital city and do not forget to watch the famous sunset that will leave you speechless. Visit the village Kasteli of the 15th century, a fortress-village, with a focal point being the church and the outside walls of houses built as fortification walls. Also start from Fira and drive 15km. by the rental car from the company Thessaloniki Car Rental Rent a car, and arrive at the Cape and the prehistoric Minoan settlement.
If you prefer to find yourself on a beach, visit Kamari beach 5km in length of black sand and Perissa beach with black sand. If you do not like the black beach of Kamari, you should visit Vlixada beach which consists of whitewashed rocks. Perivolos is also a beach with fine sand and deep waters. If you are looking for something more graphic, then go with the rental car Thessaloniki Car Rental Rent a car to Red Beach.

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From the island of Santorini you can travel comfortably to the island of Paros.