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Kalamata is in the southern Peloponnese in the heart of Messinian Bay at the foot of Taygetos Mountain. An economical rented car from Thessaloniki Car Rental car rental company, will allow you to discover the many beauties of the region.
Kalamata is a major commercial center which is based mainly on agriculture and is known for its production of olive oil. It is also a beautiful city, full of life and a very interesting area to explore by rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental rent a car.
Kalamata is a city with a vibrant nightlife all year round. The historic city center is full of shops, and numerous traditional Greek cafés with live music. During summer, the coastal road Navarinou becomes an entertainment area full of clubs. Moreover, this coastal road is also an ideal area for an afternoon walk. A tour with your rental car in the suburb of Vergia at the foot of Kalathi Mountain will reward you with its beautiful view.
Alternatively, a stroll through the city’s attractions will fascinate you. Visit the Church of the Holy Apostles, a Byzantine church which was built in 1317, also the Castle which was built in 1208 and whose location offers a panoramic view. Do not forget a visit with your rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental car hire to the Railway Museum in Kalamata which has received awards from the European Union, likewise the Benakio Museum with the important archaeological artifacts from the Bronze Age.
Kalamata is a base from which to discover the secrets of the area because of its central position, Starting just a few kilometers from Kalamata, we find ancient Messini that will impress you with its size and good state of preservation. Taygetos Mountain is ideal for hiking and climbing, with lush vegetation, many springs and caves to explore. Head east with the rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental rent a car to Mani, a typical wooded coastal area. Have a nice tour!

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