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Rent a Car in Rethymnon


Rethimno is the third largest city of Crete with great tourist development. You need a budget rental car to explore the entire area with the magical beaches, hidden beauty and numerous attractions.
The old town will leave you enthralled; full of life, all kinds of shops and narrow alleys. It is connected with the Venetian Port which is picturesque and romantic. Above that we see the Venetian fortress Fortezza of 1573. Its length is 1.3 km and is well preserved. During the summer months, various cultural events take place there. By going out of Rethimnon and leaving behind the beautiful old town, drive your rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental Car to the gorge of St. Anthony with lush vegetation, tall trees and a sense of calm which is overwhelming. If you wish to walk the gorge, calculate walking for 3 hours.
The beaches are amazing. Rethymno has a great beach which is well organized. If you want something more special, drive eastwards with your rental car and after 10km you will find the exotic beach Adele, with golden sand and turquoise waters. Go on driving eastwards and soon you will find the impressive Geropotamos beach with crystal clear waters. Do not pass Bali beach because it consists of many beautiful small beaches with crystal clear waters. Continuing your tour with the rental car to the beaches you can discover the exotic Preveli beach with palm trees and a river that leads to the sea making the water cooler.
Do not forget to visit the Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon with exhibits from the Neolithic and Minoan era, as well as the Museum of Folk Art, which is housed in a Venetian building that looks like a monument. For your rented car from Thessaloniki Car Rental Rent a Car there is parking available close to the Venetian port.

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