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Preveza is located in the region of Epirus. It is easily accessible by car from the rental company Thessaloniki Car Rental Rent a Car, and it is a popular tourist destination.
The name Preveza means passage. The port gives the town of Preveza another prestige and in combination with narrow cobblestone streets and the historic center, it looks like an island. The 60km. coast of the Ionian Sea provides the region of Preveza with unique beaches and many options to the visitors. For this reason, a cheap rental car will be very useful. The beaches Loutsa and Rock are organized, with crystal blue waters. The Ammoudia (Sandy) Beach has great sand and crystal clear waters. If you want tranquility or you love camping, go with the rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental Car, to the beaches Monolithi, which is one of the most beautiful, and Alonaki.
At the same time, do not miss the opportunity to visit the river Acherontas with its beautiful nature and mysterious atmosphere. Based in mythology, the gates of the underworld were here, so we will find Necromancy of Acheron the most famous in antiquity. Just 6 km. north of Preveza, you will find the ancient city of Nicopolis. A visit with the rental car is essential. It was founded by Oktavianos Augustus to commemorate the victory in the battle of Actium 31 b.c. Also visit the Castle of St. Andrew of the 18th century, the Castle Pantokratoras and the Roman Aqueduct which is in the village of St. George.
Alternatively, you can visit the island of Lefkada which is less than 30 minutes drive by rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental Rent a Car from Preveza.

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From Preveza you can easily drive to Parga.