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Car Rental at Syros Airport

Syros Airport “Dimitrios Vikelas” (JSY) was founded in 1991 and is about 2 km from the capital of Syros, Ermoupolis. Regarding its the premises, the small airport of Syros has 1 passenger station and a total length of 1080 meters airfield. It also has a convenient and beverages store for the public. You can arrange a cheap car rental at Syros Airport with Thessaloniki Car Rental. The process of the car rental at Syros is very simple. This way you will be able to drive in a car without the hassle of finding other transport means. You can also rent a car in Ermoupoli downtown, Syros.

There are mainly domestic flights arriving at the airport from Sky Express. So there is connection by air for Syros with the rest of Greece and the islands as well as for Athens airport.

Syros the lady of the Cyclades

Ermoupolis is the capital of the island. The city began tto expand in 1822 with the arrival of refugees from Asia Minor, Crete, Kasos and Psara. In the past, its port was so developed that it was the most important port in the Eastern Mediterranean. In Syros you will see one of the most beautiful and largest town halls in Greece. What makes it special is its architecture. The building was completed in 1898 and it was designed by the German architect Ernesto Ziller. Also, next to the town hall you will find Miaouli Square. Other points of interest are the Ermoupolis Archaeological Museum, the Industrial Museum and the Municipal Theater “Apollon”.

The traditional cuisine of Syros includes many delicacies such as Marathopita, Louza (local cold cuts) and garlic sausages. In Syros, capers are also widely used in food. Also, special dishes are the “atherina or small fish pie”, the octopus meatballs and the tomato meatballs. You can find the fish fresh and accompany your meal with some fine local wine. We also suggest you try the “San Michalis” cheese, a type of hard cheese that looks like Italian parmesan. However, there are various other local cheeses such as “graviera”, “mizithra”, Cycladic “kopanisti” and “tirovolia”. With you, you can get Syrian loukoumi, which is the most popular treat on the island.

Access to Syros Airport

To get to Ermoupolis Airport you can use the public transport and get off at the stop outside the airport terminal. Otherwise you can take a taxi and leave you there. Of course the best solution is to rent a car at Syros Airport so that you can easily move and carry your luggage.

If you would like to contact the airport you can call on +30 22810 79545.

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