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Rent a car at Volos Airport

Volos Airport is the New Anchialos Airport (LGBL). Located in Nea Anchialos in Magnesia, it is 24 km from the city of Volos. The airport started operating in 1991 and can be reached by a car from the Athens highway to Thessaloniki. It is considered an upgraded airport as it was renovated in 2010. It now has a new 9000 sqm station with modern facilities. Travelers can shop at the duty-free shop and have services such as the opportunity to rent a car at Volos airport. At the canteen, you can have a coffee before your flight or dine the restaurant upstairs.

In the surrounding area of ​​the airport, you can park your car for a fee, as it is a secured car park area. There are mainly domestic flights to and from the airport, but charter flights come in the summer. Some of the airlines that come to the airport are Austrian Airlines, Condor, and Easyjet.

Travel to Volos by car

Volos is located in Thessaly and is one of the largest cities in Greece. It is a seaside town with a large port and a permanent population of about 144,000. In Volos, you can see the castle of Volos to the west of the city which was built in the 6th century AD. There are several museums in the city, such as the City Museum, the Archaeological Museum, and the Natural History Museum. There are also themed museums such as the Entomological Museum, the Typographical Museum, and the Railway Museum. At the port and at the narrow streets of Volos you will surely find a “tsipouradiko”. A local traditional tavern.

Ride to Tsipouradika and Pilio by car

Volos is famous for those shops, where you can enjoy a local tsipouro with a variety of appetizers. There you will taste delicious seafood such as mussels, quinces, and roasted octopus. If you still want to find nature through the beauty of the mountain, then Pilio is close, just about 20 kilometers.

Volos Airport access

You can reach the airport by the intercity bus of Volos, which operates special routes to and from the airport. Usually, there is a bus 2 hours before each flight. There is also a taxi rank for your transport to your destination. Definitely, the best option is a to rent a car at Volos Airport cheap from Thessaloniki Car Rental. The staff will welcome you and after a quick process, you will be able to depart for your destination. In this way, you avoid the hassle and waiting with other means of transport.

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