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Car Rental at Chania Airport

Maleme airport operated to serve the city of Chania from 1954 and accepted only domestic flights. Later, it was transferred to the Akrotiri peninsula. To explore Crete affordably and comfortably, we recommend renting a car from the company Thessaloniki Car Rental rent a car.

The airport is located 14 km from the city of Chania and annually receives 2.5 million passengers. To arrive at Chania airport, you can use the urban bus route which takes about 30 minutes or a taxi. Alternatively, you can easily and quickly visit it with a rental car from the company car Thessaloniki Car Rental.

Chania airport has an information desk, bar and coffee shop, duty-free shop, souvenir and folk art shops, banking, and currency exchange services. It also provides medical care, luggage storage, and parking for your rental car.

The airport and Chania are connected by air with Athens and Thessaloniki, while in summer it receives charter flights from cities all over Europe. Due to the increasing traffic, studies have been done to update the airport with an additional building for visitors as well as a new control tower. The company car Thessaloniki Car Rental will welcome you at the airport of Chania with the rental car of your choice.

Chania is a picturesque city with elements from various cultures that lived in the area in the past. Perhaps the first thing you will want to do is drink a coffee or dine at the Venetian port of Chania. There, you will find the Venetian castle and the Egyptian lighthouse that welcomes travelers from the sea. There are countless restaurants, taverns, bars, and cafes in the area. So it will not be difficult to find something you like. Take a walk in the main square of the old town where you will see the fountain made of white marble. The port is also home to Yali Jamisi, an old domed mosque that now houses various exhibitions.

Rent a car from Chania and start your adventure! East of Chania on a hill you can find the Tombs of the Venizelos. It’s worth going there for the view alone. If you like hiking and natural landscapes, you can drive from Chania to the Samaria Gorge, located 43 km from Chania. The length of the gorge is a total of 18 km and if you want to cross it you should be in good physical condition.

However, if you want to relax, there are fabulous beaches in Chania. For example, Balos. A beach with clear blue water and white sand that the water is shallow and crystal clear. It is 17 km from Kissamos and the route includes a gentle descent from a dirt road. However, you can alternatively find a boat that will take you there from the sea. Equally enchanting is Elafonissi, which is characterized by dunes and crystal clear water. You can go by car and it is 76 km from Chania. Finally, you can choose the beach of Falassarna which is 59 km from the city. It is a vast beach that has won awards for one of the best beaches in Europe.

In Chania, you will find a wealth of culinary options with many traditional Cretan taverns and Cretan restaurants. You will taste and enjoy traditional Cretan flavors, fresh seafood, and local tsikoudia drink. Narrow alleys and old neighborhoods with mansions that decorate colorful flowers. Fricked goat with “stamnagathi”, lamb with artichokes, lobster spaghetti, grilled ribs, kolokhtipa fish, and snails with sour grass are just a few dishes that you will find in Chania.

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