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Car Rental at Corfu Airport

Corfu airport has been in operation since 1949. It is 3 km. away from the center of Corfu town, and with a rental car from the company Thessaloniki Car Rental rent a car, you are ready to start your tour of the island of Corfu. During takeoff and landing, there is a panoramic view of Pontikonisi island which is situated next to the airport.

Corfu Airport, “Ioannis Kapodistrias’, receives domestic flights from the companies of Aegean and Olympic Airways. The number of international flights soars during the tourist season, as many visitors from the cities of Europe arrive at Corfu airport to get to know the island and its beauties with an economical rental car. For transportation to the town of Corfu from the airport, there are bus services and taxis waiting for you at the arrivals exit, and the fare to the city center is 10 €. However, with a rental car from Thessaloniki Car Rental, your transfer will be done more easily and quickly.

At Corfu airport, there are banking services, currency and postal services, and free wireless internet access. Also, the airport has facilities for the convenience of people with disabilities. At the airport you will find shops with folk art and local products, 2 café / snack bars, travel information offices, and 120 parking places for your rental car from the company Thessaloniki Car Rental rental car.

In Corfu, you will notice the influences that the island has from France, Italy, and England. Ideal place for dream vacations with many points of interest and attractions. In the village of Gastouri, you should definitely go with your rental car to see Achillion. It is the palace built in 1890 by the Queen of Austria Elizabeth or Sissy. The queen at that time admired Greece and especially the beauties of Corfu and wanted to get a house on the island. At the neoclassical palace, you will admire up close a number of statues that refer to Greek mythology. Inside the palace, there are murals of artists of that time. Remarkable is the garden that exists outside the palace with a multitude of trees and plants.
For coffee, we suggest you go to Kanoni, where you will have an incredible view of the mouse, Panagia Vlachernon, and the airport. Then you can take a walk to the church of Panagia ton Vlachernon which is located just 300 meters from the mainland and is connected by a thin passage. If you want to go to the mouse, there are boats from the port there.
The walk in the Old Town of Corfu is fascinating. You will encounter imposing forts and crowds of neoclassical and medieval buildings. You must also visit the Old Fortress, Liston, Spianada, and the Museum of Asian Art. Liston is the most photographed complex of imposing buildings with arched arcades and impressive lanterns located at Spianada Square. This is where the custom of throwing pots at Easter is done, with many people watching. Also somewhere in the alleys is the historic church of Agios Spyridon. You will distinguish it from the red bell tower.
In Corfu you will also enjoy the food as the gastronomy of the island is Mediterranean with Italian influences. One of the well-known dishes of Corfu is Pastitsado. It is spaghetti with rooster or meat cooked with various spices, wine, onion, and garlic. Also impressive is the Sofrito, which is cooked with thin slices of beef with various spices that are usually served with french fries or rice. There are of course other specialties and you can ask in the restaurants about the menu of the day. If you like spoon sweets you can get sweet Kum Kuat produced locally. There is also the liqueur made from Kum Kuat fruits.

From Corfu, you can visit LefkadaKefalonia, and Igoumenitsa.

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