Rent a car Samos airport

Rent a car at Samos Airport


Samos airport is four kilometers away from Pythagorean, on the main road that leads to Heraion, which you can get to easily and economically with the rental car from the company from Thessaloniki Car Rental Car Rental. Moreover, it is located fourteen kilometers away from the town of Vathi.
Samos airport is named after the great Greek astronomer and mathematician Aristarchus, who comes from the island. The airport serves the basic needs of the island with daily connections to Athens and weekly to Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Chios, Lesvos and Limnos. During summer, the airport’s passenger traffic increases by several seasonal flights that arrive on the island from across Europe to explore its beauty. For a comfortable tour, we recommend a cheap rental car from Car Thessaloniki Car Rental.
Samos airport has been in operation since 1963 and can accommodate up to eight planes. In early 2000, the airport terminal was modernized to keep up with the increased passenger traffic. Inside the airport, you will find a duty-free shop, customs office, observations office, two canteens / cafeterias, information desk, hall officials and courier service. There are also facilities for the convenience of people with disabilities. An area of 250 parking spaces will accommodate your rental car from the car rental company Thessaloniki Car Rental.
Transfer to and from Samos airport is made by bus, with services to the towns of Samos, Pythagorean and Heraion. Alternatively, you can use any of the taxis, which are located at the airport parking area. The fare to the city of Samos is about 15 euro. For your convenience with your transportation, we recommend a cheap rental car from the company Thessaloniki Car Rental Car Rental.

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From Samos you can easily visit Chios.