Car hire Skiathos airport

Car Rental Skiathos Airport


Skiathos Airport is located four kilometers from the city center of Skiathos. A cheap rental car from the company Thessaloniki Car Rental Car, which you can pick up from the airport, takes you to your destination quickly and comfortably.
Skiathos Airport is named after the great poet Papadiamantis as Skiathos was his birthplace. The airport opened in 1972 and receives a corridor of only medium type aircraft. During 2002, the new airport terminal was put into use and also the existing terminal was renovated. Skiathos Airport has two aircraft stands. It also features two bars / cafés, duty free shop, Skiathos hoteliers’ offices and an information desk. Also, parking at the airport for the rental car company from Thessaloniki Car Rental Car Rental is free.
During the summer season, the airport’s passenger traffic is increasing as Skiathos is a very popular destination. It is connected to Athens by five scheduled flights a day, and several European cities, with seasonal flights. Transport to and from the airport of Skiathos is only by taxi. Alternatively, we recommend renting a car from the company Thessaloniki Car Rental car rental which is the best solution for your transportation.

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The island of Skiathos is connected with daily ferry routes with Volos.