Car rental Kaimaktsalan

You may start with your rental car from Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki from where you can take a relatively short and very beautiful trip which can be as follows: Airport Thessaloniki – Pozar – Palios Agios Athanasios – Ski Boras-Kaimaktsalan.

Thus, as long as you rent a car from Thessaloniki Airport, follow the Egnatia highway (E90) towards Athens. After a while, approximately 15 miles on your rental car, turn to the exit 22 to Edessa. Continue driving following the signs to Athens until they get you into the National Road of Thessaloniki – Edessa. After a while, and after you have traveled approximately 80 km away from Thessaloniki airport with your rental car, you will follow the signs to Loutraki and subsequently Baths of Loutraki (Pozar). At 13 km northwest of Pozar you will find the well-known Pozar (Loutraki).

Pozar Baths that lie at the base of Mount Kaimaktsalan are located 100 km away from Thessaloniki airport and you can get to them after just one hour drive to your rental car. The hot springs of the Baths which have a constant temperature of 37 ° C, spring for thousands of years from the mountain, creating a spectacular landscape of both mountain and forest. Many visitors, a large proportion of them living in Thessaloniki, arrive at the baths to enjoy the beneficial properties of thermal waters and to escape to the beautiful and verdant mountains.

Then at a distance of 40km, about 30 minutes with your rental car. southwest of Pozar is the traditional and preserved settlement of St. Athanasius. The village was built on the 1,200 meters in the late 16th century. Today is a beautiful touristic village with very interesting traditional Macedonian architecture. The village has many traditional inns and restaurants where you are given the opportunity for many activities such as tours, horseback riding, archery and more.

Continuing this tour, and just 150 km from the Macedonia airport of Thessaloniki is the Ski Center Boras – Kaimaktsalan. The ski center is located on the north of the village of St. Athanasius and within 10 minutes driving distance with your rental car. Kaimaktsalan is the third highest mountain and the tallest Center Winter sports in Greece with facilities and levels ranging from 2.018m. and ending at 2.480m. The resort attracts many nature lovers and hikers, as well as thousands of skiers, many of them starting from Thessaloniki and visits the modern facilities of the ski resort.

As it can be understood by everyone, the above excursion that can be easily done by renting a value car from Thessaloniki Airport, is an excursion that will be unforgettable to those participating.