Rent a car Thassos island

A beautiful trip we propose you to do when you rent your car from the airport of Thessaloniki is: Thessaloniki – Small / Large Volvi – Kavala – Thassos.

Once you rent your car from Thessaloniki airport, follow the Egnatia Road towards Kavala / Serres. Then take the exit to Prophiti- Redina. After a while, and just 50km away from the airport of Thessaloniki you will come across the Large and then the Little Volvi. In contrast to its name, Little Volvi is a populous village, and more extended than the Great Volvi. There you can enjoy a stroll on the shore of the lake, enjoying the mountain views which are reflected on the lake. Also you will have the opportunity to see ducks, geese, turtles and many other birds that are using the lake as a stopover on their journeys. Of particular interest in the types of fish populations found in Volvi, are the liparia, the gelartza and lakopsaro, which are endemic to Volvi, meaning that they do not live anywhere else in the world. Nowadays on the south shore of Volvi, is one of the last remaining lakeside forests of Europe: the lakeside forest of Apollonia – the Kingdom of gray heron – which is a forest you definitely should visit for a stroll.
Next destination of this excursion that we suggest you to visit with your rental car is the beautiful city of Kavala, which is located 165klm way from the airport of Thessaloniki. To get to Kavala you will continue driving your rental car on the Egnatia Road A2/E90 and then take the exit 31 to Kavala.

The city of Kavala is built at the base of the mountain “Symvolo” and is the second largest city and port of Macedonia after Thessaloniki. Although Kavala is a modern urban center, it also has many beautiful beaches with clear water, places for relaxation and walking trails. It is no coincidence that many of the visitors of Kavala are residents of the city of Thessaloniki. As for the beaches to the east you will find the beach Perigiali and to the west the beach Rapsani, the municipal beach Kalamitsa and Batis. Kavala also has three parks, with sports facilities that are suitable for a day trip. There are also several hiking trails that start from within the city. Very famous is the historic trail that follows the path of water from which Kavala was watered in the past (starting from the church of Saint Constantine) and the beautiful trail that follows the stream of Old Kavala. The city of Kavala has many museums and institutions that are worth visiting on this trip you can enjoy with your rental car. Some of these are the Archaeological Museum of Kavala, the Historical and Folklore Museum, Mehmet-Ali museum and Museum of Kapadokia.

The last destination of this excursion that we suggest you to visit with your rental car is the island of Thassos which you can reach easily and quickly from the port of Kavala.

The island is the northernmost island in the Aegean and is ideal for holidays. Many visitors, mainly from Thessaloniki, every summer are enjoying the island’s beaches. The island has pristine beaches with fine sand and green areas with pine and olive trees that almost reach to the sea. Some of the most famous and beautiful villages of the island is Panagia, Potamia, Limenaria and Potos which is the most cosmopolitan part of the island. Also worth visiting is the monastery of the Archangel Michael, which is located at Thimonia in Theologos, also the church of Panagia and the church of St. Panteleimon as well as the Archaeological Museum.

It is more than apparent that the above route is a trip that we highly recommend. Thus rent cost effective car from us and from the Thessaloniki Airport and follow our instructions-proposals as described above.