Rent a car Kerkini

A very beautiful and brief excursion that we recommend having your car hired from the airport of Thessaloniki is: Thessaloniki – Upper and Lower Poroia – Lake Kerkini – Agkistro.

After renting your car from Thessaloniki airport, follow the Egnatia road towards Kavala / Serres. Then take the exit to Lagyna and shortly after turn left at Kilkis / Liti. Then, after you have traveled a few more miles with your rental car, go to Kilkis-border station until you find signs for Upper and Lower Poroia.

Located 100km away from Thessaloniki’s Airport, are the Upper and Lower Poroia that are built at the foothills of Mount Beles and northwest of Lake Kerkini in altitude of 385 meters in a beautiful forest. Reaching the picturesque village you will be charmed, and you will see a place surrounded by trees and fountains. The village also overlooks the valley and Lake Kerkini. You can explore the cobblestone streets of the neighborhoods and enjoy the great views.You can also go hiking in the marvelous woods where abundant water flows and where there are recreational centers, restaurants, as well you may visit the churches of St. George and Demetrios with unique paintings.

Continuing your trip with your rental car, you can visit the Lake Kerkini, which is located 35km away from the upper Poroia and 110km away from Thessaloniki’s Airport. Kerkini was created in 1932 when the dam of Lithotopos was built to hold the waters of the river Strymon. Guesthouses and hotels and taverns are filled at every opportunity by Greek and foreign visitors, who enjoy the local delicacies and traditional recipes. In the area there are several ranches with numerous activities such as horseback riding, archery, hiking, bird watching for nature lovers, kayaking, etc. You can take a tour of the lake with the distinctive boats known as “Plavi” and photograph rare birds that live as protected species in Lake Kerkini.

Next and final stop for this excursion with your rental car we suggest you to visit Agkistro. To get to Agkistro you have to go to Kilkis-border station of Promachonas and shortly turn right to Promachonas-Agkistro and follow the signs. Agkistro, which is located 139km away from Thessaloniki’s Airport, offers a unique travel experience that combines wellness, relaxation and exploration of an area of rare beauty. A few miles away from Agkistro you will identify the old stone-built Byzantine baths of Agkistro, which were built 1,150 years ago. The water temperature can reach up to 40 to 41 degrees. It is not surprising that people arrive here from every corner of Greece, and many of the citizens of Thessaloniki, because this water is famous for its medicinal properties. Moreover, given the huge number of visitors there were also built and operated new baths. Just a few kilometers away from Agkistro is a well known and one of the largest trout farms in Northern Greece. It is bred here since 1980, the rainbow trout. It is well worth a visit and why not even taste one.

It is apparent that this tour will bring you in direct contact with nature and its beauty, you will relax and feel rested. All you have to do is rent an inexpensive car from us and from the Macedonia airport in Thessaloniki and follow the above route we suggested.