Car rental Sithonia

Once you rent your car from Thessaloniki’s Airport you could make a very nice trip to the second peninsula of Halkidiki, named Sithonia. The route we suggest is the round of the peninsula by focusing on some specific villages and some beautiful beaches for which Sithonia of Halkidiki is widely known.

As you rent a car from the airport of Thessaloniki, follow the National Road of Thessaloniki – Moudania. Continue driving to Kassandra and approximately after half an hour of driving you will see a sign for Sithonia. Turn right and after a while your tour in the beautiful second leg of Halkidiki will begin.

The first village we propose you to make your first stop with your rental car is Nikiti, Chalkidiki.

Nikiti is located 85 km away from Thessaloniki and is the largest town in the region which recently has experienced rapid development and has become an attraction for many tourists. Because of that growth, more and more residents of Thessaloniki, select the area of Nikiti to buy or build their holiday home. In addition to the typical walk to the lovely beach with many restaurants and cafes, you can visit the old village located on the northern side of Nikiti. The old village is a traditional and very picturesque village with Macedonian architecture ideal for a stroll at any time of day.

Located 2 km away from Nikiti in Chalkidiki, the road splits. We suggest you to continue south along the coastal road with your rental car where you will be given the opportunity to admire the magnificent scenery seen from above, the turquoise waters of small bays of Toroneos Gulf. Then you will pass next across the beautiful beaches of Castri, Ai Giannis, Koviou, akti Kalogria, akti Elias, akti Lagomandras and the picturesque shores Tripotamos, Azapiko, Koutsoupia and Paradisos which are located just before New Marmara.

Neos Marmaras is 106 km away from the airport of Thessaloniki and is known as the most cosmopolitan village in Sithonia. Amphitheatrically built on three hills, combines mountain and sea, as well as nightlife or a quiet stroll and the Greek and international cuisine. The village has great tourist influx during the summer months, where many visitors from Northern Greece and especially from the city of Thessaloniki flood the village. In Marmaras there are many hotels including the largest hotel complex in the Balkans, the famous Porto Carras. It consists of three hotels, modern conference room, theater and cinema and there is the possibility of engaging in almost any athletic activity. At Porto Carras you can also see the unique private Marina of Northern Greece and one of the greatest European vineyards producing one of a kind wines.

Do not miss a visit with your rental car in the restored traditional village of Halkidiki, Parthenon and to visit the church of Agios Stefanos as well as the folklore museum village.

From Neos Marmaras of Halkidiki continue to drive along the seaside with your rental car and you will find yourself in Porto Koufo.

Porto Koufo of Halkidiki is located 130 km away from Thessaloniki airport and is a picturesque little port that is built on a deep indentation of the sea, but it is the largest natural harbor in Greece, and also considered to be the largest fishing spot of the region.

Continuing the tour with your rental car you will pass by on the other side of the second peninsula of Halkidiki, on the side of Siggitikos bay. Then you will pass successively from the beautiful Kalamitsi, akti Klimataria and the magnificent Kriaritsi, consisting of a coastline with endless beaches.

Passing all these places with your rental car you will end up in Sykia, Halkidiki, the largest village in Sithonia which is located 139 km away from Thessaloniki’s airport. It is worthy to visit the windmills at the beach of Sykia and the ruins of a Byzantine church in the Episkopi south of the village.

After Sikia you will find yourself in Sarti of Halkidiki, a village with deep green waters and flooded by tourists during the summer months which is just 128 km from the Macedonia airport in Thessaloniki. Outstanding is the view from the street with the beautiful long beach stretching out before you and the mountains to the shade from the top creating a fascinating picture.

Continuing to drive with your rental car you will pass by the beautiful Platanitsi and the coast of Armenistis, which is famous for its beautiful beaches with its whitewashed stone and turquoise waters. Both are also well known for their organized and inexpensive campings that are offered to the visitors during the summer months.

After that, and just 100 km from Thessaloniki, you find yourself in Vourvourou Halkidiki. For many, the most beautiful village of Halkidiki, since it is a site that offers the experience of a lake-like sea, mountains surrounded by dense forest and only nine small islands that are visible from shore and can be visited by renting a small boat from the region.

Last destination which is worthy of a visit on this tour that we recommend you to do with your rental car in Sithonia, is Ormos Panagia. Ormos Panagias is located 93 km away from the airport of Thessaloniki and it is known for the beautiful harbor with its nice taverns. From Ormos Panagia there are also well organized sea routes around Mount Athos.

Reading the above it is easy to see that a trip – round second peninsula of Halkidiki will grant you unforgettable memories. Breathtaking beaches, turquoise waters and lush landscapes are some of the features offered by Sithonia. The only thing left to do is to rent a car from us and pick it up from the Airport of Thessaloniki and follow the route that we suggest.