Hire a car Meteora

Starting from Thessaloniki airport you can pick up your rent car to make the trip: Thessaloniki, Vergina, Palios Panteleimon, Platamonas, Meteora.

Leaving Thessaloniki you follow Egnatia road (E90) towards Veria. Although you may need to go a bit off track, with your rental car, it is really worthy to visit Vergina.

We therefore strongly recommend to visit the archaeological site of Vergina. Vergina is located 13 km southeast of Veria and 80 km away from Thessaloniki. This is a unique museum, which was built under the big mound at the point where there are the royal tombs. Considering this, the visitor is able to get into the tomb and be amazed of the graves, just as they are today.

In the basement museum of Vergina in addition to the royal tombs of Great Tumulus, you may admire invaluable finds of unique art. Gold jewelry, weapons, armor, pottery, paintings with excellent drawings and colors that time failed to wear off.

Open hours:
Winter period (1/11-31/3)
Closed Monday
Tuesday – Sunday 8:30 to 15:00

Summer period (1/4-31/10):
Daily 8:00 to 19:00
Monday 8:00 to 19:00

On your way just before the Katerini will find on your right New and Old Panteleimon. Palios Panteleimon is a traditional village, located about 100 km away from Thessaloniki where you can travel easily and economical with your rental car. It is a restored village that has been characterized as traditional since 1978. Apart from the official administrative division, locals stand three settlements: Old Panteleimon, traditional renovated village. New Panteleimon, which is also the official settlement. and Panteleimon Beach, a great summer resort with many tourists. The latter is a separate settlement in accordance with the administrative division. It is located at 700 meters altitude allowing a beautiful view of the greater area. It is one of the best examples of traditional macedonian architecture and the village has managed to retain its original color. The beautiful streets, the restored stone mansions and rich flora and fauna, offer visitors a variety of unique images. The village was named after Saint Panteleimon. According to folk history, the image of the saint protected the inhabitants who had prayed to the saint from a plague that decimated the residents of the surrounding areas.

Then you may visit, with your rent car, the famous castle of Platamonas is the trademark of the county. Strategically located on the southeast of Mount Olympus is a castle of the Middle Byzantine period. Platamonas is 102km away from Thessaloniki.

Finally, to go to Meteora you have to drive towards Egnatia road. The distance from Thessaloniki is approximately 214 km so it will take you about three hours with your rental car.

Meteora along with Mount Athos are the largest monastic block in Greece and is one of the most famous natural landmarks. Nowadays, Meteora are designated by the UN World Cultural Heritage.

It consists of more than 1000 rocks forming an unearthly landscape of majestic beauty. The steep landscape was created tens of millions of years ago by the erosion of the rocks by the sea. On the tops of these rocks are the balconies of the monasteries of Meteora, which since the 11th century became a refuge for thousands of ascetics. The first monasteries were built with great care and skill during the 14th century. Over the years some of them were rebuilt along with several major repairs to be completed into their final architectural shape. Since then they stand on the tops of the rocks giving the impression that they are their natural finish. According to the legend the enormous rocks were thrown there by the Giants during their battle with Zeus and the gods of Olympus.

Considering all the above, it is understood that the areas mentioned above offer a trip worth making by renting a car from us and from the airport of Thessaloniki.