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Who had the name Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki was founded in 316 BC. and took its name from the sister of Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki. Her father was the king of Macedonia, Philip II. Specifically, the King of the Macedonians Kassandros followed the throne of Alexander the Great, founded the city under the name of his wife, Thessaloniki, in 316 BC. The city, due to its geographical location and advantageous port, was the financial and commercial center of the wider area. The city has many monuments, through its 2300-year history. Many of them are located between the streets and neighborhoods of the modern city and come from different cultures and religions. Find a cheap car rental in Thessaloniki and explore the city!

Thessaloniki and Roman monuments

Later, in 168 BC. Thessaloniki became the capital of the second Roman administrative district of Macedonia and in 148 BC. the headquarters of the Roman governor. A landmark for its geostrategic position was the construction of the Egnatia Road. The ascetic route, even today, links Europe with Asia. During the reign of Caesar Galerius Maximilianos, some of the city’s largest monuments were built, such as the Rotunda, the Arch, the Palace, the Hippodrome and the Hall of Lights.

Agios Dimitrios of Thessaloniki

The patron of Thessaloniki is Saint Dimitrios and there is also a related Byzantine church dedicated to the Saint. Saint Dimitrios was killed in Thessaloniki at the time of Galerius. He was an officer of the Roman army and had followed the course of Christianity at that time.

White Tower

The White Tower was built in the 15th century, after the Ottoman conquest of Thessaloniki in 1430. Throughout the centuries the White Tower had various names such as Leo’s Tower, Kalamaria’s Tower, Tower of the Generals and the Bloody Tower. In the 19th century, on the top of the tower, they were executing people. Towards the end of the 19th century England suppressed the Ottoman Empire and the tower was painted white. From 1911, with the liberation of Thessaloniki until today, the tower has been the symbol of the city.


The Ladadika area is a reference point in Thessaloniki in terms of entertainment. Dozens of shops are available, so you can enjoy food, drink or coffee. Enjoy your walk on the cobblestone street and browse through the lanes that will lead you to a live music tavern.

Aristotelous Square

The most famous square in Thessaloniki is Aristotelous square. There you will find special buildings, of remarkable architectural interest. At Aristotelous Square you will find the Aristotelis sculpture, while enjoying your coffee or a drink in a café bar from the countless there. The square was designed by the French architect Ernet Hebrard, after the great fire in 1917. It is a meeting and entertaining area for its visitors and you will definitely come across of some kind of organized or street events. Across the sea, one can see the highest mountain of Greece, Olympus.

Food to try in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a paradise of food and coffee. You will find countless shops with traditional Greek cuisine as well as international cuisines. For breakfast you can try the Thessaloniki “koulouri” or bougatsa with cream or cheese, as the most popular. If you want something more modern you can enjoy a Brunch with a coffee. Also no one will resist the sweet delights of Thessaloniki such as chocolate coated “Tsoureki” with chestnut stuffing, Panorama triangles and various syrup sweets with recipes from Constantinople.

Nearby escapes from Thessaloniki

There is a number of interesting destinations for every taste near thessaloniki. You can rent a cheap car from Thessaloniki Airport and explore all those destinations.


Halkidiki is a very popular summer destination for both Greek and foreign tourists. Emerald beaches and dense pine forests are its main features. You will find many taverns and restaurants to enjoy fresh fish as well as luxurious beach bars and cafés. Some interesting places worth visiting in Halkidiki are Kavourotrypes, Kalogria, Kriopigi, Agios Mamas, Sani and Marmaras.


Vergina is located about 80 kilometers from Thessaloniki. Historians believe that Vergina is built on the site of ancient Aigai, which was the capital of ancient Macedonia. There you can visit the archaeological site and the museum of Vergina. In the museum you will find the tombs of the Macedonian kings and of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. Perhaps the most important exhibit of the museum is the golden shrine of Verginal with the Macedonian sign, which contains the remains of Philip II. Find a cheap car rental in Thessaloniki and have the chance to visit Vergina


Kavala is just 153 km from Thessaloniki in less than 1.5 hours. You will enjoy its blue beaches and you will find plenty of food and coffee shops. Important sights of the city include the old town with its castle, the ancient theater of Philippi and the baptistery of Lydia.

Lake Kerkini

It is an artificial lake and is located in the prefecture of Serres, 98 km from Thessaloniki. It is one of the most important wetlands in Greece. You will find the characteristic aquatic vegetation and you will be able to get on a short boat trip in the lake. You will, most likely, come across buffalo and flamingos and capture unique landscapes shots with your camera.

Pozar Thermal Baths

Pozar Thermal Baths are located 109 km from Thessaloniki and are known for the beneficial properties of the thermal waters. Hot water comes through the mountain and has a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. It is an idyllic place with well-organized structures and plenty of food and drink options available, in the surrounding villages. By finding a cheap car rental in Thessaloniki you can visit this wonderful place.

Thessaloniki Macedonia International Airport (SKG)

The city of Thessaloniki has an international airport about 15 km from the city center and the journey takes about 25 minutes. The airport was recently refurbished by Fraport and its landing runways were extended. So, from 2019 the airport can service more tourists from all over the world and give many people the chance to explore Thessaloniki. Access to and from the airport is available by various means of transportation.

By bus

You can use the city bus line from the city center and vice versa.

• X1 “KTEL-Airport”

• N1 “KTEL-Airport” (Night line)

Via interchange at the bus terminal of Chalkidiki, the city center or the eastern areas of Thessaloniki and vice versa (via the IKEA bus interchange Station)

• No. 45 “KTEL Macedonia – KTEL Halkidiki”

• No. X1 “KTEL-Airport”

• N1 “KTEL – Airport” (Night Line)

To the eastern regions of Thessaloniki

• No 79 “IKEA – Airport”

The ticket price is 2 euros for the single route.

By taxi

Taxis are available at the airport throughout the day. The route to the city center takes about 30 minutes and it depends on the traffic. A taxi will cost you about 30 euros to take you to the city, and from midnight to 5 am in the morning there is a higher rate. Also, there might be an extra charge for your luggage.

Car rental from Thessaloniki airport

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